Representing landlords in New York City

New York City is known around the world as the most unique metropolitan area in modern history. The housing laws in New York City are as unique as the city itself and landlords know all too well that they begin any dispute with a tenant at a major disadvantage. That is why New York City Landlords need a lawyer who represents them.


Representing landlords in rental disputes in New York City. With new legislation and activist judges, it is more difficult than ever to be a landlord in New York City. I fight for landlords to recover their property through a system designed to make that as difficult as possible.

Property rights are essential to a free society in which individuals enjoy a constitutional right to own property. The Government should not be able to constructively deprive its citizens of their property rights through excessive regulations that are so restrictive they no longer resemble ownership as we know it.

The right of private individuals to enter into contracts and make agreements to trade goods, services, property, or other things of value for money or the promise to pay money at a later date  is the foundation of our economic system. When the Government interferes with the contracts made by private individuals by altering payment schedules, amounts, and other essential terms its citizens can no longer enter into such agreements with any confidence.

Interference in the free market in this manner and Government infringements on the rights of its citizens to exercise their freedom to contract has massive implications for individual liberty, economic freedom, and property rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why represent  landlords?

Landlords are property owners and the majority of them are not billionaires or eccentric narcissists who were born on third-base and think they hit a triple, those are just the loudest and most well-known. Most landlords are regular working-class individuals who found a way to become a homeowner by renting part of their property to others, or families that invest their life savings to better the lives of their children and grandchildren by putting their money into real estate rather than hedge-funds. 

The landlords I represent want to provide a nice home and environment to their tenants in return for an amount of rent that is set by the market, i.e. what tenants offer to pay them.  They want their tenants to be happy so they comply with housing laws, provide safe & clean  properties with heat, hot water, attentive management, and mutually beneficial lease agreements.

Landlords never want to go to court. They never even want to threaten legal action. Landlords don't want to pay legal fees or deal with the aggravation associated with legal actions and evictions. It is a last resort when tenants refuse to take any steps to rectify a significant lease violation or substantial debt owed for an unreasonable amount of time.

Why won't you represent tenants in NYC Housing Court?

I have and do represent tenants  that are truly being treated unfairly or being victimized by unscrupulous landlords. My representation of tenants has always been pro bono,

Typically the Court lawyers will act as the tenants' lawyers in NYC Housing Court (often times the Judge will as well) so it is usually not necessary but there are times when landlords act in such egregious manner that someone needs to step in.

The worst landlords in NYC are responsible for 99% of the horror stories you hear. These twenty-thirty landlords that violate the law make up such a small percentage of the thousands of landlords in NYC and they perpetuate the idea of NYC landlords being greedy slumlords that do not care about their tenants.

Are there evictions happening in New York right now?

Residential tenant evictions have been put on hold until May of 2021. Find out more about the the COVID19 eviction moratorium and programs available to both tenants and landlords.  READ MORE


For tenants who need a lawyer to write a letter or response to a letter from their landlord.  Our lawyers will help you for a reasonable flat fee. Let your landlord know you know your rights and you won't let them push you around.  

Consultation & Letter  -   $175



First time your case is on in housing court? We can attend with you and get you more time.   -   $250